HVAC Contractors: What You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioner

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Do you have an air conditioner? Here are a few things you should know about it:

You need to maintain the air filters

The air filters in your unit play a vital role in determining the air quality in the house. HVAC contractors observe that the filters also determine how effectively the air conditioner works. If the air filters are dirty, the air conditioner works harder than it should which results to it getting damaged within a short time.

To keep your air conditioner in top shape, you should regularly clean the air filters. You can do it on your own or hire an AC contractor to help you out. The best way of doing it is cleaning the air filters at least once a month. If they are in awful shape, replace them.

Use a programmable thermostat

The thermostat determines how the air conditioner works. Here you need to set the temperature that you want the unit to operate on and it will work even when you aren’t in the house. The cool thing is that you don’t need to be in the house to operate the programmable thermostat. This is because you can operate it through an app that you would have installed on your tablet or smartphone.

When you aren’t in the house, you can switch off the thermostat. When you are about to go home, switch the thermostat on and you will find the house cool.

Set the air conditioner to operate on AUTO

To ensure that the air conditioner is operating in top condition all the time and at little cost, set it at AUTO. When you set it like this you don’t need to keep on setting and resetting it. The unit will start itself when the temperature rises above a certain point. It also will shut itself off when the temperature drops below a certain level. The consequence of this is that you have a comfortable house all the time.

AC contractors also observe that by avoiding the constant running of the air conditioner you allow the moisture that is pulled from the air to evaporate rather than being constantly cycled into the house.


This is what you need to know about your air conditioner to keep it running in top condition all the time. In addition to the above tips, you also should make it a habit to hire an AC tune-up professional at least once a year to inspect your unit and fix any problematic areas that might be present.

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AC Contractors: Benefits Of AC Inspection

ac repair

As an air conditioner owner, you know that you need to inspect your air conditioner regularly. You can examine by yourself or hire an AC repair professional to help you out.

Benefits of AC inspection

There are plenty of advantages of checking your unit. Some of these advantages include:

Energy saving: When you regularly inspect your unit, you get rid of any issues that put your unit at the risk of consuming too much energy. For example, when checking the air conditioner, you identify a faulty air filter or any other unit that is known to reduce the efficiency of the appliance. By replacing or cleaning the air filters, you ensure that your instrument is performing at its best.

Life extension: Did you know that by just inspecting your air conditioner you get to extend its life? When your air conditioner is working harder than it should, it tends to have a short lifespan. Since you increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, you ensure that the unit doesn’t work harder than it should thus you extend its life.

You improve the comfort levels in the house: This is a no-brainer. Since the air conditioner is working at its best condition, it cools the room better thus you are more comfortable the entire day.

Catch small problems: It’s recommended that you hire an AC technician at least once a year to inspect the unit. During the inspection, the contractor not only picks the major issues, he/she is also able to pick even the smallest problems and fix them before they get big. This comes in handy in keeping your unit in top condition all the time.

You have peace of mind: Just as you have peace of mind when you have your car serviced, you have peace of mind that your air conditioner will work optimally as you have already inspected it.

Air conditioner inspection tips

As mentioned above, you can inspect the unit by yourself if you have the skills or hire an AC company to help you out. For peace of mind that the inspection is done professionally, ensure that the contractor you hire is highly experienced and easy to work with.

During the inspection, pay attention to the crucial areas of the air conditioner. These areas include: coils, wiring system, vents, indoor and outdoor units. You should carefully go through all the areas and if there is a problem, fix it immediately.

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Understanding What Is Involved In Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

To save money on your cooling costs and keep your unit in top shape you need to undertake air conditioning maintenance.

Components of air conditioner maintenance

Proper air conditioner maintenance encompasses many things. Some of the most common are:

Air filter cleaning: This is probably the most common. The air filter determines the quality of air that gets into your house. When it gets dirty, the air conditioner works harder than it should. This not only translates to a high energy bill, but it also reduces the lifespan of the air conditioner. To keep your air conditioner in top shape, you should make a habit of cleaning or replace the air filters at least once every month.

When you clean the air filter, you get rid of dirt and debris that might be in the filter. This allows efficient air flow and the air conditioner functions optimally.

Pay attention to the thermostat: The thermostat controls the air conditioner thus the temperature in the house. Due to the constant setting and resetting of the thermostat, it’s common for it to develop issues. At least once a month, take a look at the thermostat settings and if not in their right level, reset it.

If you have a mechanical thermostat, consider installing a programmable one. The thermostat will give you an easy time controlling the temperature. It also will increase the unit’s efficiency.

Check the condensing unit: From its name, the condensing unit is where the air is cooled. The most important part of the unit are the blades. You should check them for chips and cracks and if cracked, replace them.

In addition to reviewing the conditioner of the blades, you also need to pay attention to the wires. Check the wires for signs of burning. Remember that the unit puts your house at the risk of fire; therefore, if you see overheating signs, consider replacing them.

Pay attention to the wiring system: Just like any other unit in your home, the air conditioner has electrical connections, and you should pay close attention to them. Ask the HVAC company to carefully go around the wiring system and confirm that they are working optimally.


These are some of the areas you should pay close attention to when maintaining your air conditioner. For peace of mind that the air conditioner is being properly maintained, work with a reputable AC tune-up professional.

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AC Repair: What You Need To Know About The Air Conditioner

ac repair

If you have an AC there are some things you should know:

The AC can put your house on fire

Did you know that the cooling unit in the house can put the house on fire? It can if you continue working with it even while it has mechanical issues. Many people ignore some of the minor issues with their units. The issues can be as simple as minor noises. Since they don’t want to hire an AC repair professional, they ignore them. This is wrong.

A malfunctioning air conditioner puts your house at the risk of catching fire due to the presence of gas inside the unit. For peace of mind ensure that you fix any issues that your unit might be having as soon as possible. If you are strained for cash, you can get rid of some of the issues on your own. Here you need to address some of the problems caused by dust and other problems.

Your air conditioner can be a health hazard

In addition to the unit putting your house at the risk of catching fire, it also puts you and your family at the risk of coming down with a disease. One of the primary functions of the air conditioner is to purify air. When you don’t clean the air filters for a long time the unit allows dust and other harmful bacteria into the house. This exposes you to pathogens that compromise your health.

To avoid this, you need to keep your air conditioner in top shape. At least once a year hire an AC tune-up professional to inspect the unit and fix any issues it might be having. During the tune up the contractor should go around the entire unit and fix even the most minor issues.

The air conditioner can make you broke

If you don’t properly maintain the air conditioner, you can end up paying hefty cooling bills. Just like any other poorly maintained unit, the air conditioner will be running inefficiently thus the high bills. The cooling thing is that you can fix this issue.

You need to hire an AC contractor at least once a month to clean the air filters. At the end of the year, the contractor should clean the coils, vents, and other areas of the unit. If the air conditioner is old, you should consider replacing it. As rule of thumb replace it with a higher quality unit.

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Just how to Mend a Frozen Up Central Air Conditioner Unit

Whether you’ve got a central air conditioner repair Southampton device or a window unit, you save some money and can trouble-shoot some straightforward repairs to get a frozen up system quickly

An air conditioner works by using electricity to transform warmth into cold atmosphere with a compressor routine just like a fridge, only in larger areas. This cycle allows heat to be moved to the outside the house in the inside of the house. A special fluid called a refrigerant is utilized in this technique, as it goes outside, whereby heat is absorbed and released. The refrigerant changes during this period in state between gas and fluid. This fluid is passed via an expansion device that changes the fluid directly into a low pressure mixture of liquid/gas. Warmth is absorbed by the residual fluid in the rings that are indoor in the inside atmosphere, which can become a low temperature gas cooling the indoor atmosphere.

By turning it away, defrost the unit. Turn the breakers to the unit to prevent short circuits off. Tape a tarpaulin or big trash bag underneath the unit to capture the water. After the ice thaws, the the machine dries and allow it to stand to dry for 24 hrs. Inspect the unit to ensure it’s before turning the electricity back on dry.

Check the outside fan and converting and fan units that are inside are operating. By putting your hand inside them do not check the units.

Check the filters on the in-door device. Make sure the filters change every 3 months. Some filters permit airflow in only one direction. Be sure atmosphere can flow through the filters and into the the machine.

Clear the cooling fins. All these are thin pieces of metal which are easily curved. Be careful not to bend the fins. Using the power to the unit off, work with soil to be washed by a medium pressure hose in the fins in the device that is outside. AC repair Southampton Trim grass and eliminate debris from round the unit. Clear the inside device utilizing a vacuum or a lowered pressure air-line. Work with a torch to test the fins. If light may go through the fins, then they’re clear.

Examine the coolant. The key reason units freeze up is coolant. Contact an HVAC tech to look over the cost of your device if necessary, and add coolant. Monitor the the machine. If it loses its awesome atmosphere ability or starts up freezing again, then you likely have a leak.

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The Necessities of Drain and Sewer Cleaning

drain cleaning

Sewers have existed for hundreds of years in a single form or another, and have let culture to improve by providing clear, drinkable water as well as hygienic waste transport in towns. One thing that many properties in the nation have in-common nowadays is they all have some kind or conduits, drains and sewer traces. And even though our empties are absolutely essential to keeping our families and workers healthy and secure, many people do not think about the role perform is drained by drain cleaning NY that or how significant regular drain cleaning actually is.

Although there are probably types of of empties that still functioned adequately and have gone several decades without being washed, a large proportion of drains and sewers need to be washed, jetted, maintained and fixed on a semi-regular basis as a way to stay usable. Many years ago, drain cleaning was far more difficult and time consuming than it’s nowadays. If split or an acute clog happened in a drain a millennium past, the single factor a plumber could do was search to uncover the pipe. Thanks to modern drain cleaning technology, we can locate, identify and fix pipe difficulties quicker and, oftentimes, without searching at all, nowadays.

Modern drain and sewer cleaning gear includes locating devices and television movie, drain snake augers and high pressure water. Video locating devices allow plumbers to determine precisely what the difficulty inside a drain is, to breaking from shrub root blockages, and locate where the fix needs to be made. Drain snake rooters use strong rotating augers to cut-through tree roots along with other agents that are clogging, and high pressure drain jetting can literally smash out oil and other impediments of a drain to get things flowing again.

While many home-owners and companies would prefer to not think about their main sewer lines, the importance of maintaining and cleaning your drains on a regular basis can’t be overstated. Sluggish- running, dripping or clogged sewer lines and drains may lead to acute and expensive issues if not resolved early on, particularly in locations like cellars that are subterranean where flooding and water damage can happen.

You may actually end up spending less over time if you pay to possess issues fixed with an expert plumber or drain cleaning NY should you be ignoring an apparent drain difficulty. Our sewer and drain systems permit us to enjoy clear water and hygienic waste-removal in our houses, but being persistent in keeping our conduits is component of being a home owner that is responsible.

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AC Contractors: Guide To Buying Central Air Conditioners

ac contractors

A central air conditioner is one of the best air conditioners you can buy for your home. It works using the thermostat thus you can easily control the amount of heat in your house. You are also able to cool the entire house fast.

Factors to consider when buying the air conditioner

To get the most from the air conditioner, you need to buy the right one. This calls for you to consider some factors that include:

Where you buy the unit: Where you buy the air conditioner is important. As rule of thumb buy it from a reputable company. In addition to the company having experienced AC contractors to help you in choosing the right unit and installation, the company will also have high-quality units that will last for a long time. Avoid cheap units as they are not only inefficient, they also tend to break down often.

Efficiency: This is a big one. HVAC contractors report that up to 20% of home energy bill goes to home heating and cooling. This means that having an efficient air conditioner you will save a lot of money. To tell that a unit is energy efficient you need to take a look at the SEER rating. The higher it is, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is thus, the more the money you will save.

Price: The price of the air conditioner is dependent on its quality. The higher the quality of the unit, the more expensive it is. It might be painful to buy an expensive unit, but it will pay off in the long run as you will save a lot of money in maintenance costs. The expensive unit will also last for a long time; thus you won’t have to return to the stores now and then.

Before you settle on a given company, do enough research by visiting some companies. Settle on a reputable company selling the air conditioner at an affordable price.

Maintaining the air conditioner

Even if you buy a high-quality air conditioner, there is no way you will get the most from it if you don’t take good care of it. For the unit to give great service, you need to clean it regularly. Clean both the inside and outside of the unit before the cooling season. You also should replace the air filters at least once every month. At the end of the year or before the cooling season begins, hire a contractor to undertake AC tune-up.

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AC Contractors: What You Need To Know About The Central Air Conditioner

ac contractors

The central air conditioner is the most common unit you will find in most homes. On first look, the unit looks complex, but according to AC contractors, it’s straightforward and works almost like a refrigerant.

Components of the air conditioner

The unit is made up of the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit features a condenser coil, fan, motor, compressor, and disconnect switch. The indoor unit has some components such as condensate tray, evaporator coil, ductwork, drain pipe, and duct work.

The refrigerant is a major player in this unit. It circulates between the indoor and outdoor evaporator coils. When the refrigerant is inside, it absorbs heat from the room. It then moves to the compressor where its compressed as the heat is removed. The cold refrigerant then goes back to the evaporator coils. When this is happening, the blower forces air through the cooling coils into the inside of the house via the ductwork.

How to take care of the central air conditioner

For the unit to continue functioning optimally, you need to take good care of it. The cool thing is that there are many ways of doing it. Some of these ways include:

Replace the air filter: While the air filter seems like a simple unit, HVAC contractors observe that it’s valuable for the proper functioning of the air conditioner. The primary role of the filter is to trap dust from the outside. In one or two months, it traps enough dust that it gets clogged. This not only prevents it from catching more dust, but it also forces the unit to work harder than it should thus you end up paying high energy bills. The clogged filters also reduce the lifespan of the unit.

To increase the lifespan of your air conditioner and also save money on your cooling costs, replace the filters every month. You can do it sooner if your unit is always working.

Tune it up: AC tune up is similar to the tune up you do to your car. At the end of the year or as the year begins you hire an AC technician to inspect all the areas of the air conditioner and fix any issues it might be having. The contractor should thoroughly examine both the indoor and outdoor units.


This is what you need to know about the central air conditioner. If properly installed and well maintained, the unit can last for decades. To make it possible, work with a reputable HVAC company.

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Understanding AC Tune-Up

ac tune up

If you have an air conditioner, you should regularly undertake AC tune-up. There are many reasons why you should tune up your appliance.

Benefits of tuning up your air conditioner

Tuning up your air conditioner comes with plenty of advantages. Some of these advantages include:

Increase in efficiency: When you are tuning up your appliance, you get rid of dirt, dirty filters, and other parts that reduce the AC’s efficiency. As a consequence, you improve the unit’s efficiency thus saving yourself a lot of money.

Increase in lifespan: Tuning up the air conditioner not only increases its efficiency, it also increases its lifespan. Inefficient air conditioners work harder than they should which results to a reduced lifespan. When the AC contractor increases the efficiency of the appliance, he/she increases the lifespan of the unit as it doesn’t work harder than it should. During tune up, the contractors also remove the faulty parts that would reduce the appliance’s lifespan which further contributes to the durability of the air conditioner.

You avoid emergency repairs: When you regularly tune up your air conditioner, the contractors can pick even the most minor problems and fix them before they get worse. This saves you the agony of hiring expensive emergency AC repair professionals to fix the appliance when it stops working in the middle of the night.

You keep the air conditioner looking good: AC cleaning is one of the steps of AC tuning. When you clean your appliance, it not only runs more efficiently, it also looks great which gives you a great feeling.

What AC tune-up entails

A successful tune-up procedure entails many things that include:

Inspection of the system: The contractor should inspect the entire AC system including the vents and fix any issues it might be having.

Cleaning: As mentioned above, cleaning is an important part of the tune up process. The AC expert should clean the AC coils, condenser line, and any other areas that might be dirty.

Lubrication: Just like other moving units, the moving parts of the air conditioner require lubrication. The contractor should lubricate all the parts for them to last for a long time and also increase the AC’s efficiency.


This is what you need to know about air conditioner tune up. If your unit is making weird noises or you haven’t tuned it up for more than a year, it’s time to hire an HVAC company to give it a look.

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AC Contractors: Things You Need To Do To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

If you are like me, you want your air conditioner to be in top shape. Unfortunately, studies by AC contractors show that many homeowners don’t know how to take good care of their units. To help you out, here are some of the things you can do:

Pay attention to AC settings

If you have had your air conditioner for some time, you must have noticed that it has many settings. Did you know that these settings have a lot of impact on the performance of the unit? For your air conditioner to function optimally, HVAC contractors recommend that you should correctly set these settings. The settings you should pay close attention to are:

Fan options: Most air conditioners have three fan settings: high, low, and medium. Where you set the unit depends on the quality of air that you want in the house. If you aren’t comfortable with the current settings, you should set your unit to any of the remaining options and find out whether you will be comfortable.

Auto switches: Go around your unit and see if there are any auto switches designed to make your life easier. You should be on the lookout for buttons that say smart fan, energy saver, auto or any other thing. When you find then, turn them on as they save you both money and time.

Undertake the routine maintenance

In addition to the more technical settings, you also need to conduct the regular AC maintenance procedures. One of the things you should do is to inspect the air filter regularly. If the air filters are dirty, your unit will work harder than it should. A unit with dirty filters also functions inefficiently. Most of the new air conditioners have an indicator light that lets you know when your unit needs a filter change.

If yours doesn’t have the button, you should consider undertaking the manual inspection. You should open up the unit and take a look at the condition of the filter. If too dirty, consider cleaning it. If it’s damaged, you should replace it.

You should also regularly clean your air conditioner. You can clean the unit on your own, but for ideal results, you should hire an HVAC company that will not only clean the air conditioner but also inspect it for problems and if present, fix them.


These are tips on how to take good care of your air conditioner for it to not only last for a long time, but also function optimally.

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